Application for registration for Training Position.

Selection into the Training Program is governed by the principles of equal opportunity, and is based solely on merit. Applicants will not be discriminated against on the grounds of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, religion, or State of residence. Only those applicants who meet the minimum eligibility criteria will be considered for appointment to the ACPS Training Program.

When a candidate has fulfilled the minimum eligibility criteria for selection, they must complete and submit an Application for Registration for a Training Position. This application is for the purposes of formally registering candidacy for the available training position with the ACPS Selection Committee. The Application will not be considered complete until the Application for Selection for a Training Position Lodgement Fee is paid.

The Application for Registration for a Training Position has fourteen (14) sections, many of which require certified copies of supporting documentation. An overview of the fourteen sections that form the Application for Registration for Training Position is outlined below. Candidates are encouraged to read the Process for Selection to the ACPS Training Program – Compendium for Candidates. The application and supporting documentation must be submitted to the ACPS Selection Committee via the Assistant Secretary by the application closing date. The application closing date  is advertised on the ACPS website and is emailed to all affiliate members of the ACPS.

Overview of domains of the Application for Registration for a Training Position:

Candidates who wish to apply for advanced standing within the Training program should indicate their intention to do so on the Application form.

The Selection Committee will assess each candidates Application for Registration for a Training Position and score the candidates application out of a maximum mark of sixty (60). An Application Marking Guide is used by the Selection Committee for this purpose.

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