Advanced Standing

Candidates are advised to become familiar with the Australian health care system before considering Fellowship of the ACPS. International Fellows of the ACPS are also recommended to participate in observational surgical and office based sessions, within Australia, with existing Fellows of the ACPS prior to considering Fellowship application.

Overseas-qualified Fellows of the ACPS may have pre-existing qualifications and experience, which, as assessed by the ACPS, meet the standards for Fellowship. In this latter case, subject to verification of credentials and any practical, written or oral examination assessment as deemed necessary by the ACPS, the individual may be granted Fellowship without further training (although there will be mentorship and/or other requirements put in place for a period of time as determined by the ACPS Council on a case by case basis).

Irrespective of equivalency, all overseas qualified Fellows of the ACPS must obtain general registration and endorsement for scheduled medicines from the Podiatry Board of Australia before they can be granted fellowship of the ACPS. A Podiatrist from the United States of America who holds accreditation from American Board of Podiatric Surgery (ABPS), may apply for fellowship.

For more information on advanced standing, please refer to appendix 7 of the  ACPS Podiatric Surgery Training Manual.