Boards and Committees

The ACPS Council has the following Sub-committees

Education Board

Mark Gilheany (Chair)
Julie Taranto (Fellow)
Adam Bird (Academic)
Lloyd Reed (Academic)
Robert Cox (Anaesthetist – Medical Specialist)
Damien Mitsch (Healthcare Organisation Executive Manager)

David Williams (Consumer Representative)

Steven Edwards (Registrar Representative)

Education Board Committee: Curriculum

Mark Gilheany (Chair)
Angelo Salerno (Fellow)
Pete Manuel (Fellow)
Jeffery Jenkins (Registrar Representative)
Adam Bird (External Member)

Education Board Committee: Research

Rob Hermann (Chair, Fellow)
Andrew Kingsford (Chair, CPD Board)
Andrew van Essen (nominee, Training Committee)
Simon Smith (invited by the President)
Hylton Menz (External Member)

Education Board Committee: Selection

Simon Smith (Chair)
Mark Gilheany (Chair, Curriculum and Training Committees)
Lee Gray (Fellow)
Paul Armanasco (Fellow)
Ozan Amir (Fellow)
Joel Gurr (External Member)
Adam Bird (External Member)

Education Board Committee: Training

Mark Gilheany (Chair)
Omar Baarini (Registrar Representative)
Nick Marino (Chair, Examination Committee) 
Andrew van Essen (Supervisor of Registrars)
Lee Gray (Senior Fellow)
Damien Lafferty (Fellow) 

Education Board Committee: Training (Examination Sub-Committee)

Rob Hermann (Chair)
Adam Bird (External Examiner)

Matthew Cotchett (Education Officer)


Resource Board

Andrew Kingsford (Treasurer, Chair)
Peter Manuel (President)
Andrew van Essen (Fellow)
Nick Marino (Fellow)
Ray Scott (Accountant)

CPD and Standards Board

Andrew Kingsford (Chair)
Peter Manuel (President)
Andrew van Essen (Chair, Education Board)
Paul Armanasco (Fellow)
Angelo Salerno (Fellow)

Clinical Audit Committee

Rob Hermann (Chair, Fellow)
Pete Manuel (Fellow)
Valarie Dobie (Fellow)
Andrew Schox (External Member)
Adam Bird (External Member)

International Committee

Andrew van Essen (Chair)
Mathew Cicchero (Fellow)
Paul Armanasco (Fellow)
Abdel Kak (Registrar Representative)

Appeals Committee

Andrew Saxton (External Member, Solicitor)
Joel Gurr (External Member)
Pat Trubiano (Assistant Secretary)
Bill Kutcher (Fellow)

Risk Management and Audit Committee

Vacancy (Chair, External financial representative)
Andrew Kingsford (Fellow)