Eligibility for Selection

Entry into the ACPS Training Program is highly competitive and applicants should be aware that not all podiatrists seeking admission will be successful in obtaining a training position. Presently in Australia, there are a limited number of training positions for podiatric surgeons. For this reason, only a small number of training positions may be available in any given year. It is possible that no training positions may be offered in some years.

When training positions become available they will be advertised on the ACPS website under Training Positions Availability. Training positions are usually based in a particular location (for example, Melbourne or Perth). Candidates who reside elsewhere would need to relocate to wherever the training position is for the duration of their training.

Selection into the Training Program is governed by the principles of equal opportunity, and will be based solely on merit. Where the ACPS is unable to identify appropriately qualified candidates to fill an available training position the place will remain vacant.

The selection process is designed to identify the abilities, qualifications, experience and emotional intelligence of applicants that would enable them to perform all the required duties of a podiatric surgical Registrar, achieve all the objectives of the Training Program and become a skilled and highly competent podiatric surgeon. An overview of the ACPS Selection Process is outlined below:

To be selected for a training (Registrar) position with the ACPS candidates must have confirmed eligibility for selection through the attainment of a list of minimum requirements. These required elements serve several purposes:

  • Familiarisation of the candidate with the reality of ACPS Training Program.
  • Assessment of the candidate’s base knowledge of podiatric medicine and surgery.
  • Determination whether a candidate has developed skills and professionalism to a level which will enhance their ability to successfully complete the training program.

Selection will be based on performance in the required criteria of the selection process (outlined below).

The pre-requisite elements have been determined by the ACPS Selection Committee and Education Board. No application for admission into the Training Program can be considered unless all of the eligibility criteria are met by the applicant. Some candidates may have additional training or experience in podiatric surgery. This does not exempt candidates from fulfilling minimum eligibility criteria. Candidates are directed to the  Process for Selection to the ACPS Training Program – Compendium for Candidates:

1.     Permanent Resident or Citizen of Australia or New Zealand
The candidate must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia or New Zealand. This requirement is necessary to ensure the successful candidate is able to complete the entire Training Program. In some circumstances, training may take between 4-8 years.

2.     Registration with the Podiatry Board of Australia
The candidate must hold general registration with the Podiatry Board of Australia. Podiatrists registered in New Zealand are eligible for Australian registration under mutual recognition.

3.     Undertaking Endorsement for Scheduled Medicines
The candidate must be currently undertaking their Endorsement for Scheduled Medicines under Podiatry Board of Australia. Endorsement Scheduled Medicines

4.     2-Years Clinical Experience
Candidates must have a minimum of two years of actual clinical experience working as a podiatrist. Working in a non-clinical role (such as an administrator, lecturer, or researcher) is not considered to be practical experience. The applicant will need to provide a minimum of two references from colleagues with whom they have worked indicating their suitability for surgical training.

5.     Enrolled in an Approved Master Degree
The ACPS requires candidates to be enrolled in a higher degree to the level of a Master degree within a discipline that has relevance to the speciality field of podiatric surgery. This will typically involve a higher degree in Podiatric Medicine, Podiatric Surgery, Public Health or Medical Science. A Master’s degree that leads to a general registration as a podiatrist is not suitable for this requirement. Applications from individuals who have completed academic units leading towards a doctoral qualification may be accepted, based upon individual assessment by the ACPS Selection Committee. Candidates are advised to contact the institutions directly to enquire about study options. Master degrees in podiatric surgery are typically offered by universities in the United Kingdom and several of these universities offer flexible modes of study via distance education for a large proportion of the course content. Listed below are four approved master degree courses:

Theory of Podiatric Surgery MSc – University of Huddersfield, England 


MSc Theory of Podiatric Surgery, Glasgow Caledonian University


MSc Theory of Podiatric Surgery through Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh


Master of Public Health, University of Newcastle


6.     Affiliate Membership with the ACPS

The ACPS offers a separate membership category – Affiliate Membership – to registered podiatrists who wish to gain broader clinical experience within a mentored environment, expand scope of practice and or develop skills that will assist an application into the Training Program. All candidates for the ACPS Training Program must obtain a basic familiarity with the ACPS and its work, including making contact with podiatric surgeons in order to gain an appreciation of the work of a podiatric surgeon. Candidates seeking Application for Registration for a Training Position must be a current affiliate member of the ACPS.

7.     Curriculum Vitae
A candidate needs to ensure an up to date curriculum vitae prior to application. The curriculum vitae is supplied as supporting documentation with their Application for Registration for a Training Position. The curriculum vitae should be a maximum of two single sided pages.

8.     Podiatric Surgical Clinical Rotations
Candidates are required to organise podiatric surgery clinical rotations with Fellows of the ACPS. Please refer to the Podiatric Surgery Clinical Rotations section for more information (provide link to Podiatric Surgery Clinical Rotations Page). During these rotations, candidates must complete three clinical rotation assessment forms and maintain an affiliate member logbook of office based and surgical cases. The CRAF and logbook for part of the minimum eligibility criteria for selection.

9.     The ACPS Entrance Examination
The ACPS entrance examination is conducted when a training position will be available during the subsequent 12 months. Dates for the examination will be posted on the ACPS website and affiliate members of the ACPS will receive notification of the examination date at least 3 months prior to an examination to allow preparation time. The examination is structured to assess the candidate’s knowledge of core sciences. The examination tests the knowledge of undergraduate or Master of podiatry domains: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Biomechanics. The examination contains 120 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in two hours. The pass mark is 50%. A candidate must pass the ACPS entrance examination to be eligible to submit an Application for Registration for a Training Position. A candidate should review their podiatry syllabus as it relates to the core domains above, prior to sitting the examination.

10.     Psychometric and Motor Skills Testing

Candidates must undertake the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®). The EQ-i® is a scientifically validated, widely used Emotional Intelligence assessment tool. It is based on more than 20 years of research. The EQ-i® examines an individual’s social and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Respondents self-report on their life and workplace performance in 15 key areas of emotional skill that have been proven to contribute to proficiency in complex activities such as conflict resolution and planning.

Candidates also have to perform the VTS MLS (Motor Performance Series) Test and VTS 2 HAND (Two-hand coordination) Test. The VTS MLS measures fine motor abilities through static and dynamic tasks for finger, hand and arm movement. The VTS 2HAND measures visuomotor coordination (eye-hand and hand-hand coordination). Candidates can obtain the location of approved testing sites from the ACPS Assistant Secretary