I am an international podiatric surgeon, how do I become accredited to practice podiatric surgery in Australia?

Podiatric surgeons from overseas will need to initially register with the Podiatrists Board of Australia. Assessment of overseas competencies is currently undertaken by the Australian and New Zealand Podiatry Accreditation Committee (ANZPAC).

Once general registration is achieved, overseas trained podiatric surgeons may apply to the ACPS for formal assessment of their log book, educational competencies and previous training. Following this assessment, the applicant will require formal assessment of their practical skills and theoretical knowledge via examinations, and be required to undertake additional mentoring or supervised practice. If additional academic qualifications and/or training are required, this must be completed prior to acceptance as a Fellow of the ACPS

The ACPS strongly advises internationally qualified podiatric surgeons to carefully research the Australian Health care system and the current position of podiatric surgeons in this system, prior to making a commitment to emigrate. In Australia, the health system provides no funding support for podiatric surgeons, irrespective of qualification and experience . This will provide a significant limit in ability to practice.