I have a complaint about my podiatric surgeon, who can I speak to?

Many complaints regarding health care providers can often be a case of miscommunication or misunderstanding about issues surrounding the care you have been given. The College recommends in the first instance that you contact your podiatric surgeon directly to discuss any issues you may be concerned with, so that they may be resolved quickly.

If you still have a complaint about the care given by your podiatric surgeon, the College can assist you further with your problem. As the ACPS is committed to ensuring the highest levels of care to the public, it will assess any complaint about a podiatric surgeon and, where indicated, facilitate appropriate investigation and management in an open and transparent manner.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Australian health practitioner regulation agency ahpra.gov.au who will be able to investigate and assess your complaint, and work towards resolving any issue that may have occurred.