Interview and Admission

Selection Interview

The final element of the application will be a formal interview process. Any candidate who has successfully fulfilled all the selection requirements, compiled an application and paid all relevant fees is invited to present for an interview. Please note that the training position/s may not be necessarily based in the location the applicant currently resides in. The applicant should not proceed with an application unless they are prepared to relocate for the purposes of training.

The interview will be conducted by the ACPS Selection Committee. The interview panel will generally be made up of 4 – or more – members, comprising a minimum of:

  • Chair of the selection committee
  • Registrar representative
  • Senior Supervising Fellow of the available training position
  • University academic with background in selection processes.

Prior to the interview, the panel will review the Application of each candidate and may request further information from the candidate. Both pre– and post– interview reference checks will be undertaken. Selection will be based solely on merit, and will be based on assessment of the candidate’s personal and academic suitability to become a podiatric surgeon. All elements of the candidates minimum eligibility criteria and  Application for Registration for a training Position will be considered by the Selection Committee

Each candidate invited to present for an interview will be forwarded key documents that they should familiarise themselves with prior to the interview. These documents include:

  • Applicant Interview Guide, (including an Outline of the Training Position and Key Criteria)
  • The Fellowship Training Handbook
  • Registrar Duties and Responsibilities

Application Marking Guide

Each candidate’s Application and Interview is scored using the  ACPS Selection Marking Guide. Each candidate is scored in a total of 7 domains, with a total score out of 100. Each domain and correlating sub score is summarised below.

Following this process, the Selection Committee will make a recommendation to the Education Board on which of the candidates should be offered a training position. Candidates with the highest ranking score will be recommended to the Education Board.

The ACPS is under no obligation to select a candidate for any training position if none of the applicants are deemed suitable for that training position.

The ACPS selection process aims to ensure that candidates from across Australia and New Zealand have an equal opportunity to apply for training positions and that the best candidates are selected. The process is transparently managed by the Selection Committee of the ACPS.